Is it ok that: You Wished You Lived In These Geeky Houses?

1. Tardis Murphy Bed The Stubby Thumb / Perfect for guests who dream of seeing all of time and space. 2. Disney Quote Stairs Hiya Papaya Photography for House of Turqouise / Via Go the distance in the most magical way. 3. X-Men Suite Victoria Court / Via For some much needed rest after searching Cerebro...
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Is it ok that: this Girl pees herself on live TV?

A brave girl in Greenville, Miss. tried to power her way through a live TV interview to inform the public about a shooting she witnessed. Her legs never uncross from distress, and just five seconds into the clip she warns she’s going to pee herself. The heartless reporter...
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Is it ok that: This spider is the size of a puppy dog?

 This spider is the size of a puppy dog The world’s largest spider has crept back into the spotlight, thanks to a scientist who describes a harrowing encounter with a tarantula. Harvard entomologist Piotr Naskrecki recently recounted on his blog coming across a puppy-sized, foot-long (0.3-meter) South American Goliath birdeater (Theraphosa...
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