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Is it ok that: These Babies Look Hilarious With Drawn On Eyebrows?

FINALLY, a reason to have children.   1. Source: khyde 2. Source: tcmag 3. Source: obviouswinner 4. Source: CitiesOfGold 5. Source: nannersh2 6. Source: acidcow 7. Source: rosie-ablogformymom 8. Source: smosh 9. Source: wallshit 10.   Source: wetpaint   Sourced from collegehumor.com     Related articles across the web The Truth About Taciturnity+ “Jaws” sinks...
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Is it ok that: These Acts Of Revenge Are Pure Genuis?

1. The time when frustration came out minty fresh. i.imgur.com 2. When this grandma spent her children’s inheritance in the most epic way possible. imgur.com 3. When this local coffee shop taught McDonald’s how to spell. imgur.com 4. When this anonymous texter got a much deserved Christmas gift....
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Is it ok that: These Babies Look Exactly Like Their Dolls?

14 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Their Dolls 1. Source: Imgur 2. Hopefully the Mom bought the correct one. Source: babyology.com 3. “I don’t understand what you think is so funny.” Source: anazahra.com 4. Source: eslamoda.com 5. “Bitch stole my look.” Source: actualno.com 6. Source: viralistas.com 7. Who...
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